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Self-developed Products

BURGOPAK is a sliding tray: as one side is pulled out, the other side automatically pops out. TOIN has a contract with patented BURGOPAK in UK and offers the various types of BURGOPAK according to the requests of clients.

Delayed Labels (Eco-Friendly)
Delayed label, applied heat-sensitising adhesive on the back, exercises its simplicity and usability and is made possible to improve productive efficiency at the labelling process. It also minimises waste and therefore eco-friendly. We offer special finishing such as hot stamping and special coating on delayed labels.

Originated by Limmatdruck/Zeiller in Switzerland, ZetKLIK is well known for the sound when it is closed and widely used as cartons for candies and chewing gums in Europe. TOIN is pleased to serve this unique package in Japanese market.

Shrink Film Back Card
Being transparent and three-dimensional, shrink film back card has high advertising effects. It is also eco-friendly by reducing wastes. We are able to undertake the operation of packing goods to shrink film back card.

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